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As boilers age, they can lose efficiency, stop working all together, or even pose safety hazards. That's why it's a good idea to have yours inspected every year! As a boiler service provider in Northern Kentucky, we're on hand to pinpoint any lurking issues with your boiler so that you don't find yourself with a much larger, serious problem down the road.

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We're dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our clients by providing top quality boiler service, installation, and emergency repair. Our team members are trained to provide you with first-rate, cost-effective work, all with great customer service and detailed explanations of our process.
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Because we know how much you rely on your boiler, we pledge to respond to your calls quickly and perform our service efficiently. By purchasing replacement parts and new boilers directly form manufacturers, we can keep our costs down and pass those savings on to you. It's a winning deal all the way around, so you only have to make one phone call when need help!

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Whether your boiler is new and needs repair or so old you can't remember when it was installed or last serviced, call Action Heating & Air Inc for excellence in every project we undertake. For more information or to get an estimate, give us a call today.

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