Energy efficient geothermal heat pumps for Crescent Springs

Are you currently spending a fortune to keep your family cool and comfortable all summer? With geothermal air conditioning installation from Action Heating & Air Inc, you'll enjoy significantly lower utility bills and superior cooling year-round — all while doing your part to protect the environment using energy-efficient, clean technology. 

What is geothermal heat pumping?

One of the most energy-efficient cooling options available today, a geothermal heat pump keeps your home cool and comfortable by pushing warm air in your home into the outdoors. The result is quiet, evenly distributed cool air for a fraction of what you’d spend to power a conventional air conditioning unit.
Diagram of a house receiving geothermal energy

Let's get started

At Action Heating & Air Inc, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We pride ourselves on providing the very highest quality equipment and service. When you hire us for geothermal air conditioning installation, you can expect honesty, responsiveness, and a cooling system that will have a long life worth the expense.

Be green with us

Lower your electric bills this summer and cut costs while protecting the earth’s valuable natural resources. Contact us in Northern Kentucky today to learn more about our geothermal air conditioning installation service and to schedule an estimate.

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