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5 Furnace Myths You Need to Know

5 Furnace Myths You Need to Know

Keeping your home warm and cozy in the winter and keeping your energy bill down are probably two of your main concerns, but don't be fooled into thinking you always need to sacrifice one for the other. Busting these furnace myths will put you on the fast track to improving your family's comfort this winter without breaking the bank.

Myth #1

Replacing Your Windows With Energy Efficient Windows Is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Warm Your Home and Save Cash Too.

While it is true that old windows promote heat loss, they are often not the most obvious culprits. Investing in new windows may not be your best bet for immediate savings and improved comfort. Check around windows, doors and the foundation for air leaks and fill them with weather stripping or insulation. This will keep cold air out (and warm air in) and make an immediate impact on the comfort of your home with a minimal investment. Replacing the windows may be a sound long-term investment, but they should not be seen as an immediate fix to your heating needs.

Myth #2

Using Space Heaters Will Reduce Your Energy Bills.

Many people rationalize that using space heaters to heat one or two rooms will save money on their utility bills, but this isn't always true. Relying on an electric space heater that costs more to operate than your propane or oil furnace may actually increase your energy use and raise your utility bills. If you must use space heaters, do so sparingly and always look for the most energy-efficient models. As a rule, it is less expensive to run the furnace than it is to try to heat with a space heater.

Myth #3

Closing Vents and Registers in Unused Areas of the Home Will Save Money.

Although it seems logical that closing off the heat to those unused portions of the home will save you bucks on your utility bills, furnaces in newer homes don't work that way. Because forced air heating systems depend on balanced pressure to spread heat evenly through the home, closing vents and registers can disrupt the balance and force your system to overwork to produce the heat you need. Overworking burns more fuel and may result in higher heating bills.

Although it seems logical that closing off the heat to those unused portions of the home will save you bucks on your utility bills, furnaces in newer homes don't work that way.

Myth #4

Cranking Up the Thermostat Will Heat Your House Up Faster.

When you come inside from the cold or arrive home to find the house is too cold for your liking, it may be tempting to set the thermostat higher than normal in an attempt to quickly heat the home up to the desired temperature. Doing so will not warm your home any faster than setting the thermostat to the desired temperature. The furnace runs at a standard rate and will simply run longer if you set the thermostat higher. Get out of the habit of cranking up the heat when you feel chilled and you won't need to worry about remembering to turn it back down once the house is warmed.

Myth #5

Turning the Thermostat  Up and Down Wastes Energy.

Many mistakenly believe that keeping the thermostat set to the same temperature 24/7 saves energy, but this isn't true. Turning the thermostat down while you sleep or while you are away from home can help save on your energy bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, turning your thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for only 8 hours per day will save you 10 percent on your energy costs.

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